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Q&A with Kari and Nicholle originated from a desire to bring information and answer questions on all things related to the Chapin Labor Day Festival Weekend.  From three successful broadcast in 2018 during festival time, the show has now grown into 40+ episodes throughout the year that now include all events in the Chapin community and support local small businesses in the Chapin area.  

The Wine Down Series begin durning the Spring of 2020, in response to the 'safe at home' COVID-19 pandemic, Kari and Nicholle began broadcasting each weekday at 5 PM with a 'Daily Wine Down'..... bringing up to date news and answering questions and concerns.  In February of 2021, they moved from daily broadcast to a 'Weekly Wine Down' where they featured a Game Night on the last Sunday of each month. This series ran until June 27, 2021.  All previous broadcast may be found on their YouTube channel.

Currently, they are providing information on the 2021 Labor Day Festival Weekend on Monday afternoons at 3 PM.  Updating the community on the festival and other happenings around the area with featured interviews from Chapin businesses, non-profits, and others. This series begins on July 5 and will run until August 30.  

If you have questions, you may ask them in comments during their Facebook Live episodes or submit them before air time by using the submission form on this website.  

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Kari Pepper McKeone is the Founder and CEO of The Justin Pepper Foundation.  She has lived in Chapin since 1998, and has served on several town improvement committees.  

Kari is also the Race Director for the Justin Pepper 5K:  Walk, Run, Ruck!, the kick-off event for the Chapin Labor Day Weekend festivities.  

Nicholle Burroughs is the Director of Public Affairs for the Town of Chapin. She has been a part of the Chapin community since 2008.   She currently holds board positions with Chapin We Care, and the Greater Chapin Community Foundation.  

Nicholle is also the Manger and Facilitator for the Chapin Labor Day Festival.

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